Living room designs that will give a cosy, welcoming and tidy feeling to your living room

Living RoomThe living room is undoubtedly the focal area of any household as it is the area in which you are relaxing after a long and hard day at work or school. It is also the area in which you are receiving your friends and guests. So it is of imperial importance that you living room has a welcoming, cosy and tidy ambiance and this is why we have decided to turn your attention on several living room designs that will allow you to achieve this exact ambiance.

Wood, white and high ceilings – If you have a small living room you can make it appear big by using the ceiling space. Commence by painting the living room walls in white. Next place light coloured wooden planks on one of your living room walls. However do not place the planks only on the wall, instead a fix one end of the planks on the wall and the other end on the ceiling. This will create an inside wooden slope on your ceiling and will create the illusion that you ceiling is much higher. Then arrange wooden furniture in your living and place a white carpet in the middle of the room. If your living room has a fireplace you can place a wooden shelf next to it and hold your logs in it. Also don’t hand any wall decorations, as you may ruin the illusion of your high ceiling. The only downside that this amazing living room design has is that you will have to use the professional carpet cleaning services like Carpet Cleaning Sutton on a regular basis to maintain your white carpet in top condition.

Big windows and dark wood – This living room is ideal for living rooms with large contemporary or French windows. Simply cover one of your living room walls with dark wood. Then arrange a combination of light and dark coloured furnishings in the room. For example you can surround your dark wood coffee table with a light beige sofa and armchairs or vice versa. When done, do not place any window treatments on the windows. The large windows will allow a lot of natural light to enter into the room which will instantly contrast with the dark wood wall.

Wood and stone If your living room has a hardwood floor or a laminate floor you can compliment it by either placing a stone based fireplace in the middle of the room or by hanging wallpapers that mimic the appearance of stone. Leave the floor naked and keep the living room furniture to a minimum to create the illusion of a large room. As you see this is a simple but yet amazing living room that will undoubtedly leave your guests speechless. However don’t forget that naked wood require frequent cleaning, so get in touch with a professional cleaning company and hire it to come every now and then and take care of your wooden floor.

As you can see you can easily achieve the aforementioned ambiance within your living room. So now you can either use one of these living rooms designs or create your own by using one of these designs as a base, the choice is yours.